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Chicago 113 North Photo Passport and Visa Photo Services

Customer's Reviews...

We are the proud Chicagoland passport photographer recomended with Netherlands Consulate  - klick!



Review from
Natalie P. 
Chicago, IL


He did it!
This photographer got it right, taking a biometric photo for a Dutch passport!
And the catch; he had to take it from my 2 year old son who could not sit still for 2 seconds....
But he did it; he was patient, kept focused and waiting for that certain second and got the shot!
There are not many photographers who can make the required passport photo for a foreign passport, like in our case a Dutch one.

They say they can, but the Dutch Consul still rejects their photo's.
I will not mention their names but trust me on this, its important!

They, Dutch Consul, advised me to go to this certain photographer, they had very good experiences with his passport photo's and they were right, he is!
Photo's were not questioned, they were 100% perfect, no doubts...

So if you need photo's for your foreign passport or other documents, go to him.
Then you know your money isn't wasted and also your trip to the Consul or Embassy!

Photo of Calvin M.Review from Calvin M.

Chicago, IL

Fast. Knowledgeable. Friendly. You're in good hands for passport and visa photos.

Photo of chrissy k.Review from Chrissy K.
Chicago, IL


After going to 8 different places to get my Canadian Citizenship card photos taken and being told 8 times that they couldn't do it....even trying out places people suggested here on Yelp...I was seriously discouraged. Finally, I asked someone at the embassy. She told me she only knew of ONE place in Chicago that could do it.
This is that place.
Tom is awesome. He is this amazing Polish guy who takes great photos and has an insane amount of knowledge about the world's identification card photo requirements. He does not mess around. In and out. He doesn't take credit cards, so bring cash. It was $25 for my photos, which is a steal if you ask me. As I left, it was so wonderful to hear the words. "I am 100% certain they will not be rejected". WOO HOO!
He also has a wonderful black and white cat that will check you out as you sit and wait.
Need a US OR non-US passport or citizenship card photo taken?? this is the place!!!

Canadian Passport Pictures

by Veronique


I was in desperate need of a place that takes passport pictures with the strick Canadian specifications. I was told by the Embassy of 113 North Photo. I loved how quickly everything got done. The owner knew exactly what was required and the pictures turned out beautiful - yes, even on pictures where you cannot smile.I highly recommend for ALL passport pictures and even artistic photography as the work displayed was beautiful.Beware of the cute, cuddly, and fluffy cat on his desk...adorable but painfully playful!

HTimms ‎ -
Aug 19, 2011

EXCELLENT! Great quality passport photo! Convenient location. Fast service. Great staff. You pay a little more for the photos, but the quality speaks for itself. Well worth it. Hey you have to see your passport photo for the next 10 years, might as well be one that you like. I definitely recommend this place. ...And they do normal photos too.

veronique ‎ 
Jul 23, 2011

I was looking for a long time to have my Canadian passport pciture taken. The picture has very specific dimensions and must be stamped. The only place I have found is 113 North Photo. I was in and out in 10 minutes with beautiful pictures (as much as a passport picture can be!) The owner is very sweet but be careful with the cute and cuddly looking cat on his desk...
I recommend any Canadian who need their picture taken to visit 113 North Photo.


Sep 9, 2009

Need a passport photo--GO HERE--EXCELLENT HIGH QUALITY SERVICE witih a smile--DziÍkujÍ

Chicago Passport and Visa Photo Services Center

  • Preview and approve your passport and visa photo before we print it. We'll reshoot it until you're happy!

  • No appointment necessary.

  • All passport and visa pictures are ready in about few minutes.

  • We provide passport and visa photos to every government specifications. 

We specialize in Canadian and European passport and visa photos and we do the passport photos in about 5 minutes!

This is the reason that the nearly 100% acceptance rate of the pictures taken at our Passport and Visa Photo Services Center!

   Chicago for kids: Passport Pictures at our Photo Passport and Visa Picture Services Studio
What about Passport and Visa Photos for my children?

In our Photo Passport and Visa Photo Services Studio we are experienced in capturing photos of children from newborns on up. 
We have been successful in taking good passport pictures of fussy, distracted and crying babies much to the surprise of their parents.

In many other  Passport Photo locations - Passport Photos not available for children under the age of five.

Photo Experts - Passport Photos
Chicago Passport and Visa Photo Services Center
Netherland (Dutch) 
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   Chicago Passport and Visa Photo  Services Center  is one of the best places to make a correct passport and visa photo
The staff Chicago Passport and Visa Photo Srvices Center is friendly, helpful, and make a great job on your passport and immigration photo
We are in Passport Photo business in Chicago since 1986 and offers the best passport pictures quality in the city.
Both our Chicago Passport and Visa Photo Services Center locations are great and easily accessible by public transportation.

It takes just few minutes from taking the photo to the printed set of passport photos.

Passport Photo Chicago Center, 113 North Ave., Chicago, IL 60610, tel. 312-867-9250, US, Immigration, Canadian and Biometric Passport Photo, Apostille

 Passport Photo Chicago Center, 113 North Ave., Chicago, IL 60610, tel. 312-867-9250, US, Immigration, Canadian and Biometric Passport Photo, Apostille

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